Our Cakes

To best select and choose the cake to make your event the most memorable occasion here are a few pointers: Choose from our three different flavours, vanilla sponge, chocolate and blended fruit/ rum optional cake. Vanilla sponge cake with buttercream and strawberry jam,  chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and fruit cake,  the fruit is actually blended with wine (rum optional) to give the appearance of a rich chocolate cake. To ensure the moist melt in your mouth texture of your cake until eaten, (air is the enemy of your cake) store in a airtight container or wrap in clingfilm or foil. Vanilla sponge and chocolate cake can be kept approximately one week after the date delivered, fruit cake can be kept longer if stored in the freezer Determine Colour and theme for the event. Budget how much do you want to spend on your cake. Choose from our Bronze, Silver and Platinum range of cake from the cake gallery. How many people will be eating the cake? Approximate Cake portion sizes and servings