Dune Handbag & Shoes Cake: my artistic pain to produce this cake!

Getting new visitors to my website is one of my priorities and it’s not easy; so any free publicity is welcomed.I got a call one day from my adviser at The Olive Grows, who are the best people to go to if you are starting or growing a food business.  There was a journalist alert for new and interesting products for the “Dune Loves” section of the Dune website.Well this was right up my “handbags and shoe cakes” street so we made contact and they asked if I could make a bespoke cake using their new evening wear designs. Two months later and here is the designer teatime cake, taking pride of place on their website www.dune.co.uk Producing this cake of art was a challenge, as I had to replicate the shoe exactly from the website images and so make up new templates.  But as usual with all the celebration cakes I make, I was not daunted by the challenge and got myself organised well in advance to make sure I met my deadline. Everything was going really well, but the night before at approximately 8pm when I thought I was finished, the heel decided to break. What was I to do?! Well failure was not an option... keep on trying! So I made the icing heel again and left the rest of the shoe standing by itself!  I just hoped I had enough time for the new heel to set and to my amazement it was good to go by morning. Wow! They loved the design and devoured the cake!!!