Christian Louboutin Exhibition 1st May - 9 July 2012 The Design Museum presented iconic French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, celebrating a career which has pushed the boundaries of high fashion shoe design. The exhibtion showcased twenty years of designs and aspirations, revealing the artistry and theatricality of his shoe designs. Designer Art Cakes welcomed the invite to exhibit the Designer shoe cake boasting three shoe boxes all 9"  vanilla sponge cakes, one handbag 9" fruit cake hand and nine sugar shoes hand crafted by creative designer Marcia Brown. This cake was created over a four week period in April 2012, as part of a documentary for Sky tv to be aired sometime in 2013. The cake was given a table on the ground floor in the cafe area where it was exposed to over 600 visitors in one night! It was most certainly a challenge convincing people the shoes where made entirely of sugarpaste, even the shoe designers could not comprehend! Here are pictures taken towards the end of the night.