April Lim

Celebration of my daughter’s 1st birthday  – as the guests entered the room they immediately approached the cake which was positioned on a table in the middle of the room for group and family photographs, the cake was approximately 20” high they all loved the cake!

Bubblefood catering company

The client was very pleased with their Tiffany box cake especially so, the birthday girl did not want to share her cake! We like Designerart cakes because the designs are so different!

Rio – Gothic Cake

When Rio arrived home from school, she screamed for joy and was so delighted with her surprise gothic cake!

Raymond McMillan – Global Insurance Services

I  was very pleased with my logo cake it matched the décor of the office and it tasted good  Designerart cakes

Christian louboutin shoes with cake box

I simply counld not share my cake with my friends because I loved the cake design so much, in fact so much I took the 12” cake home with me at the end of the night!

Red racing car

The cake was the tastiest chocolate cake ever, and the design on the base of the board was different, I will be ordering the christening cake in the new year everyone loved the cake!

Manolo Blahnik at the Liberty store in Regent Str

I really like the black and white polka dot shoe this is my favourite it is very similar to one my shoe designs!